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Developed by Fuburg Industrial Co.,Ltd., Taiwan, with Japanese technology and patented non-woven fabric, Mori facial mask series of products are designed to cater to busy life style of modern urban women who need quick, effective and deep nourishing skincare solutions. Moisturizing effect can last more than 20 minutes with unique formula and patented fabric.

Lifting Up

Diamond powder with varity of rich minerals helps to reduce the dryness of the skin, and express the healthy glow. White beans and Ivy activate the skin and restore its elasticity.

Brighten Up

Amethyst is the gemstone with high energy, providing rosy and moisture to your skin. Barley with green bean help to purify the skin, make it shiny and bright.


Tourmaline added. To help facial skin get rid of negative oxygen ions, refreshed skin at all time. Rice & Bean keeps the skin moisturized.

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Fuburg Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
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