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ANAN Adult Diaper

Product Features
  1. 01Inner-leg standing gathers.
  2. 02Netted channel for faster liquid passage.
  3. 03Refastenable frontal panel.
  4. 04Exclusive wetness-indicator.
  5. 05Soft, smooth surface.
  6. 06Elastic leakage-proof bands.
  7. 07Anti-bacteria Absorbent polymer layers.
  8. 08Side cover Breathable.
Instruction of using
  1. Spread and fold up the diaper, it could deepen the central concave to conduct urine and speed up absorbent, and it would be well suited at the sametime.
  2. Fold inward the side edge close by user
  3. Lay user’s body on the side to face helper and position the central concave to user. Hold the front end of diaper and pierce through user’s crotch
  4. Rotate user back to right position and adjust the diaper to fit user’s figure
  5. Fasten lower tape horizontally and fasten upper tapes downward along the waist and hip. It could decrease leakage from the back. Press lightly when fasten the tapes, it would be more stable well-suited at the same time
  6. Pull out the standing gather to prevent leakage.

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